5k Training plan

Run in the Dark finish line with 2 women hugging.

We’ve all been there… you print out the training plan, vow to follow it religiously… and then life happens. You struggle to get up early in the morning to fit in your training, or to go for a run after work. You’ve a niggling injury that’s keeping you from training. You’re away with work or on holiday for a few days and your plans get thrown off course. Or, you just never quite get around to getting that first run under your belt. Any of those sound familiar?!

Don’t worry, there’s still at least 8 weeks to Run in the Dark, and you’ve plenty of time to train. To help keep you focused, our Run in the Dark coach, John O’Regan, has designed 8 week training plans to get your ready for the 5km run. We’ve also included some tips to keep you motivated along the way, including what to do if you miss a session.

Read on to find out more about John O’Regan (and why we picked him as our run coach!), and to download the training plans.

About our Run in the Dark Coach

John O’Regan started running in April 2001 and since then has competed in some of the most extreme Marathons and Ultra Marathons in the world taking in the 7 Continents. He now runs competitively and has represented Ireland in Trail, 100K and 24-hr Races. He’s also a running coach and competes in shorter races including 5&10ks, with a 5k Personal Best of 17:20 and a 10k Personal Best of 35:09.


“John is our expert Run in the Dark coach. He was the man I turned to for advice prior to the Gobi March 2003 and then my team-mate for The North Pole Marathon 2004, the Dead Sea Ultra 2007 and the Everest Marathon 2007. He was always faster when I wasn’t slowing him down and was 2nd in the Ice Marathon in Antarctica, won the Machu Picchu Peru and is a Spartathlon finisher in Greece. He also runs for 24 hours straight at world champs. In short he is the real deal!”

– Mark Pollock

About our Training Plans

John has designed our training plans to get you off the couch and in peak condition for Run in the Dark this November, whether you’re a beginner or have some training under your belt. Choose between the two options below and don’t forget to share your fitness journey with us on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.