As darkness sweeps around the globe, at 8 pm on 17 November, 25,000 people worldwide will get up from their armchairs, slip on their red flashing armbands and pull on their running shoes to complete a 5k or 10k.

Entry fees go to the Mark Pollock Trust and additional donations and fundraising goes to Collaborative Cures, whose mission is to bring people together to cure paralysis in our lifetime.


Getting Started

Setting up your fundraising page takes less than 1 minute. Click “Create your Fundraiser” to go to JustGiving and sign up. 

Once you’ve created your page, you can use our collection of images, graphics and videos below to share your fundraising efforts with friends and family on whatsapp, email or social media.


Fundraising Tips & Tricks

Now you’ve set up your fundraising page, you can start on the fun stuff – personalising your page and sharing it with friends and family. You can find some really helpful fundraising tips here.

  1. Set up your fundraising page on JustGiving and make sure to add a profile photo.
  2. Tell them why you’re doing it. Include a line about the cause you’re running for, so people understand your motivations and know where their money is going. E.g. “As darkness sweeps around the globe on 17 November, I’ll be joining 25,000 people worldwide to Run in the Dark. Please support me as I raise funds for Collaborative Cures whose mission is to bring people together to cure paralysis in our lifetime.”
  3. Share the link with your family and friends across all your social media and communications platforms.
  4. Images and videos work well – feel free to use our selection of photos, graphics and video below.



Collaborative Cures is a registered charity. Charities Regulatory Authority No. 20205817.
Company Registration No. 673629 (Republic of Ireland).


Social media graphics

You can share them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or send them to your family, friends and colleagues through email or Whatsapp to ask them to sponsor you. Remember to include the link to your Justgiving fundraising page.