Your Guide to Virtual Running

A virtual event is different to in-person events as it can be completed in your own location. It is up to you to decide where you will run, come up with your own route then run/jog/walk the designated distance! Although virtual runs have been gaining in popularity in recent years, because of the current restrictions on mass gatherings – it’s never been a better time to look at competing in the virtual run. We’ve explained how it works in the article below:

  • What are the different types of virtual run?

There are many different types of virtual runs and races. Some of the most common types of virtual races include charity virtual runs, virtual 5K races, virtual 10K races, virtual half marathons,  challenge run events as well as virtual marathons and virtual ultra-marathons.

  • Why do people participate in virtual run?

Virtual races can be used as a way of motivation or training for another race. Virtual races can also be a great way for racing if traditional races are not organised nearby and you do not fancy travelling! Most of all, with the impact of Covid-19, virtual races are a fantastic way to stay fit and compete while sticking with government restrictions and guidelines.

  • Is there a run pack?

Whether there is a race pack or not depends on which virtual run you sign up for. Most virtual runs will not have a race bib such as the ones used in organised in-person races. Often you will be required to prove your distance and time with the use of a fitness tracker or an app. Virtual runs will often send a medal once you have registered for the event. At Run in the Dark, we send all of our participants a race pack which includes a medal and a flashing armband phone holder. And, if you sign up by 31 August – we’ll even include a free tech top!

  • How do I know how far I have run?

Since you will be running your own route, there will be no pre-planned course with distance markers. This means you will need to figure out the route to satisfy the distance requirements. Using a fitness trackers or different apps can help you to track your distance and make sure that you have completed the run. Included in the registration for our run is an app which will let you do exactly that!

  • I ran a virtual race, now what?

Once you have completed a virtual race, you should report your distance and time to wherever has been designated by the race organisers. It is also a nice idea to share it on social media. Sharing your run on social media adds to the feeling of community to a virtual run and allows others to experience it with you. If you sign up for Run in the Dark, you can use our app to track your run and see where you place on our global leaderboard.

Interested in joining a virtual run this year? Why not sign up for a 5k or 10k Run in the Dark here

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