10 things I learned from FB live with Mark & John

On Saturday, Mark and John took to Facebook live with a flipchart and boundless enthusiasm, to share every tip they could think of that would help you prepare for #runinthedark.

Between them, they’ve completed over 50 endurance events on every continent in the world! And, drawing on that experience, they came up with this impressive list of training tips:

  1. Don’t try to do everything at once. Build up your training
  2. Take the easy days easy, and push yourself on the hard days
  3. Warm up, especially on cold days. Walking is a good warm up/cool down
  4. Follow a plan. Try our 8-week training plan here
  5. If you miss a session, go back to the training plan and adjust your upcoming sessions
  6. Reclaim the hour. Run to/from work or run during your lunch hour. John calls this run-mute and run-ch!
  7. Recover & rest. Sleep is really important – if you’re staying up late watching tv, ask yourself, would you get up an hour early to watch it?
  8. Avoid injury - Don’t train with pain
  9. Find a training partner. You’re less likely to miss a training session if you’ve arranged to meet someone
  10. On run day, eat a good sized-lunch but nothing too heavy. Have a snack in the afternoon. John drinks chocolate milk post-run

These are only the summary points, though. If you want to hear the full, in-depth discussion, you can watch it now on Facebook.

And if you really like it... tag a friend who could use a few pointers!