4 reasons to run at night

4 reasons to run at night.png

Some people swear by it, others wouldn’t dream of it… so here are some scientifically proven benefits of running at night:

1. You can push yourself harder. A University of North Texas study found that muscular function and strength were greater, later in the day. Your body has higher oxygen levels and is better prepared for exercise.

2. You can run faster times. A study of marathon runners,conducted by London University, found that they consistently ran a 10km course faster at night.

3. You sleep better. Exercising before bed improves the quality of your sleep and results in increased energy levels,according to a study at the University of South Carolina. 

4. You can help fast-track a cure for paralysis. OK, this one is a little more subjective, but over the last few years running at night for #runinthedark has been proven to raise hundreds to thousands of Euros for this cause. And, I think, that’s a good a reason to run at night.

If you’re up for a #runinthedark, there’s one taking place somewhere near you in mid-November. You can find it on www.runinthedark.org