Meet Tina!


I’m Tina and when I took up running I never thought I would run a 5k let alone a 50k! It’s amazing how months of persistence and determination can pay off. The support and encouragement from my fellow runners inspired and encouraged me to continue to challenge my ability, I am no means fast or elite but i try and challenge and measure my ability through myself and often times my stubbornness to try every race I can!

I love food and more importantly sweet food but then who doesn’t! I felt that my sweet tooth kind of took over all the good I was doing with the training so I decided why not try and make sweet treats/foods that would benefit and support me in my training goals.

I am not a hardcore veggie eater so I do try to get the nutrition from where I can – either through the dinners I make or the goods I bake. I recently completed a Diploma in Diet and Nutrition and that really opened my eyes and knowledge to eating!

For veggies I blitz them in a blender and have that for breakfast and for everything else I either bake them in yummy treats or wholesome dinners but one thing is for sure I aim to get good food into me daily – genuinely have noticed the difference on energy, muscles and overall well-being.

I try to bake twice a week and constantly write down recipes in a ‘little black book’ or as they come into my head so I look forward to sharing them all with you RunInTheDark-ers!

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