How I lost 10kg in 10 weeks – Mark Pollock

I’ve been doing all sorts of diets for years. And, they’ve  pretty much been a failure every time. But this summer I lost 10 kgs. Here are the 3 things I did to get there:

  1. Goals & Public Accountability

Back on 18th June I weighed in at 85.2 kgs. And, I set myself a ten-week challenge to lose 6.2 kgs and hit my target weight of 79kgs by 31st August. Unable to rely on my personal motivation alone, I decided to publicly track my progress on social media to keep myself accountable. You might like to keep things private, but I found the public accountability kept me on the straight and narrow somehow.

  1. Scheduling Training

During the summer I experimented with training in the afternoons to dedicate my mornings to writing my book. It was a disaster! I found that the chances of training as the day drifted by were less and less as the work piled in. But when I schedule my training in for the early mornings and add it to my calendar along with the rest of my commitments, I treat my training with the same respect I would a call or meeting.


  1. Diet and Intermittent Fasting

Throughout my days of running, cross-country skiing, cycling and kayaking thousands of miles across deserts, up mountains and to the Poles I struggled with my weight. And, it’s been no different since I became paralysed. But this summer I discovered intermittent fasting. Alongside my Banting (high-fat, low-carb) diet I began eating during a 6 hour eating window and fasting for 18 hours. Although it means missing out on bread, pasta and  pastries, the joy of a fatty steak with buttery broccoli and spinach while still burning fat more than makes up for it!


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