5 ways to overcome procrastination

  Making a start Before we start anything there is always that moment of trepidation, if you are anything like me there is the seduction of procrastination and there is always that stall or pause when you have to urge yourself on before the magic of momentum...

Run in the Dark 5-week Training Plan

Run in the Dark 5-week Training Plan

We've all been there... you print out the training plan, vow to follow it religiously... and then life happens. You struggle to get up early in the morning to fit in your training, or to go for a run after work. You've a niggling injury that's keeping you from...

Run in the Dark 8-week Training Plan

Run in the Dark 8-week Training Plan

Looking to get your training started, but not sure how where to begin? We've got you covered! Our Run in the Dark coach, John O'Regan, has designed training plans to get you ready to run 5km or 10km in 10 weeks. We've also included some tips to keep you motivated...

Karl Henry

About Karl Henry Karl Henry is one of the leading personal trainers in Ireland. As well as doing personal training, Karl also specialises in corporate fitness and wellness. As a fitness expert, he has appeared on numerous TV shows and features in magazines on a...

Financial Broker Blog: How active will your retirement be?

How active will your retirement be? Run in the Dark is not only for young athletes! One of the aspects that attracted Financial Broker to sponsor Run in the Dark events in Ireland in 2019 is that it is open to anyone over the age of 14 and whether they want to run or...

Financial Broker blog: Are you planning for a better future?

Financial Broker blog: Are you planning for a better future?

With less than 3 months to go until you Run in the Dark on 13th November, we hope that your training is in full swing. As the proud sponsors of the 2019 Run in the Dark events in Ireland, Financial Broker understands the importance of good preparation and having a...

Advice from Ireland’s best

With just a few weeks left until run night, you are bound to have some last minute preparation and performance questions. So, thanks to our friends at PepTalk, we sat down with Irish rugby player Jenny Murphy and former Irish International sprinter Ailis McSweeney for...

Run in the Dark’s Motivation Music

Run in the Dark’s Motivation Music

Whether you're a running newbie or trying to beat your personal best, training for any race is difficult so why not make it a little easier? When your run is feeling a little lacklustre, blasting your favourite tunes is one of the best ways to get back in gear! And,...

6 yoga poses for runners

In the first of a series of blogs for Run in the Dark, yoga, meditation and mindfulness teacher Lee Tracey talks through 6 yoga poses to complement and enhance your running training... and they can all be done on your living room floor! Imagine as you read this you...

How I lost 10kg in 10 weeks – Mark Pollock

I’ve been doing all sorts of diets for years. And, they’ve  pretty much been a failure every time. But this summer I lost 10 kgs. Here are the 3 things I did to get there: Goals & Public Accountability Back on 18th June I weighed in at 85.2 kgs. And, I set myself...

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