App Help 



How do I download the Run in the Dark app? 

The Run in the Dark app is available to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


How do I claim my profile on the app?

In the search bar at the top of the app, type in the email address you used to register for Run in the Dark. Click on your name to claim the profile. 


Personalise your profile 

You can personalise your profile by clicking the icon on the top right of the app. You can add a profile photo, and change your settings, for example switching between km and miles.


Practice using the app

You can use the app for practice runs until 15 November. Click on your name, which will bring you to Practice Mode. Press the green button to start tracking your run.

The app uses GPS to track your time and distance so ensure GPS and Wifi are enabled on your phone.




What can I use the app for?

You can use the app for practice runs until Monday 15 November 2021. Please note that the app does not save your finish time for practice runs.

You will use the app to track your run on 17 November and join the global leaderboard, along with 25,000 runners around the world.


Do I need a fitness tracker to take part in the virtual race?

You should use the Run in the Dark app to track your time and distance. You do not need a separate fitness tracker.


Why do I need to download the app?

The Run in the Dark app will track your time and distance and automatically place your finish time on the global leaderboard. The app will also notify you when the race is starting. And, after your walk or run, you can use the app to download a badge with your time, distance and pace. Your digital certificate will also take your time from the app.




How do I use the app to track my run on 17 November?

  1. On event day, you must bring your phone with you to track your walk or run.
  2. Ensure your phone is 100% charged before you start your run and turn off other apps to avoid draining your battery. The app uses GPS to track your time and distance so make sure this is turned on.
  3. Open the app, click your name and then press Start Race to start tracking your walk or run. You will hear/see a countdown from 5, and then the app will let you know that tracking has started


Using Strava or Garmin 

If you run with a Garmin, or with a wearable device with Strava integration, you may run using your wearable device and then import your run data into the app afterwards. In the app, click your name and then click the “Import” button at the bottom of the screen.


I don’t want to run with my phone

We strongly recommend that you use the Run in the Dark app to track your time and distance as your time will automatically be loaded onto the global leaderboard. If you do not use the app, it may be difficult to add your finish time to the leaderboard.

If you do not have a wearable device, you may submit a manual time and distance after your run by emailing a screenshot / photo of your time and distance or GPX file to  Manual results will take up to 24 hours to appear on the leaderboard.


Can I run inside/on a treadmill?

The Run in the Dark app tracks your time and distance based on GPS, so unfortunately it won’t work indoors or on a treadmill.


Can I pause my run and finish later?

The app times your 5k and 10k like a live event so if you stop for a break, that time will be included in your final time. It is not possible to stop mid-race and start again.



I forgot what distance I chose when I registered/ how do I change my distance?

Please check your confirmation email to see what distance you chose.

If you would like to change your distance, click Manage Entry at the bottom of your confirmation email. You will be brought to your online registration form where you can change the distance.

Please ensure to click Save Changes if you change the distance. If you cannot find your confirmation email, send us a message at


What is the battery optimisation alert?

When Battery Optimisation is enabled on your Android devic, Android may restrict location services and your GPS tracking information may be lost. 

For tracking to work properly on Android, you should disable any battery optimisation settings including Power Saving Mode, Battery Management, Optimization or any third-party battery saver apps.  


I can’t find my name / there is an issue with the app.

Please email detailing the issue.


I signed up multiple entries with one email address. How do we claim our profiles?

You can only claim one profile per email address. If you have used the same email address for multiple entries, please email us at and we can help you add new email addresses to your entries.


The app is appearing in a different language.

Please check the app settings on your device. Go to your Profile and there is the option to select your language.


I forgot to click the Start button. Has my run been tracked?

If you did not press the “START” button, your tracking did not begin. You must press START RACE and listen for the announcement which says ‘Your race has started’.


The app stopped tracking during my run.

Please email detailing the issue.


The distance on my app didn’t match my Strava/other tracking device?

Even if you have a fantastic phone GPS, the accuracy of that GPS is only accurate to around +/- 5 metres.

You can import the data from your tracking device using the “Import” button on the app menu, or email us a screen grab of your time and distance if you would like your finish time to be updated.