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Event:  Run in the Dark Dublin – 5k or 10k run

Location: Dublin City Centre

Date: TBA

Time: TBA




Please note that the start time is 8.00pm for 10k with 5k runners starting approximately 15 minutes afterwards. It is imperative that the event starts on time so please give yourself plenty of time to get to the start line. Warm up starts at 7.45pm/7.55pm.
The 10k start line is at Park Lane and the 5k start line is at Citi Bank, both on North Wall Quay. 


The coloured wristband in your run pack has been assigned to you according to your estimated finish time and determines the zone in which you will start the run. Please wear your wristband on the night and look out for the corresponding flags and signage to help you find your start zone.
Participants not wearing their run number will not be permitted entry to the start area.
If you are running 10k, please ensure you are in Zones 1, 2 or 3. If you are running 5k, please ensure you are in Zones 4 or 5.

Walkers are welcome on the 5k route. The time limit to complete the 10k is 1 hour 20 minutes.


If you’ve decided to change distance, or mistakenly received the wrong wristband, please choose a new start zone from the list below (based on expected finishing time) on Wednesday.
Zone 1 – Green: 10k 50 mins or less
Zone 2 – Yellow: 10k 50-55mins
Zone 3 – Red: 10k 55 mins+
Zone 4 – Blue: 5k 30 mins or less
Zone 5 – White: 5k 30 mins+; 5k walkers

As flagged at the time of sign up, the max allowed time for the 10k is 1 hour 20 mins. If you can’t achieve this time you must take part in the 5k.
If the sweeper car catches you, you must continue on the footpath as the roads will reopen.


Walkers are only permitted on the 5k route; you may not walk the 10k route. If you are walking and are instructed to use the footpath by the marshals or Gardaí, please do so.


There will be a specific bag drop facility for your number range at Mayor Square. Please bear in mind that if you deposit any baggage in this area it is entirely at your own risk. Do not leave any valuables.
The bag drop facility will be open 6.30pm – 7.40pm. No bags will be accepted after this time.
Please put your detachable baggage label (from the bottom of your run number) on your bag before leaving it in.
ONLY ONE BAG MAY BE STORED PER PERSON, due to space restrictions.
The Bag Drop facility is only for the storage of bags. Unfortunately, this is not a changing facility.


An Information Desk will be located at the bag drop at Mayor Square if you have any queries.


There will be toilets and First Aid close to the start area and finish area.


No water will be provided on the route due to safety concerns of low visibility. Please bring water with you if you require it on route. A zero waste water station, funded by Dublin City Council, will be provided at the finish line. You are encouraged to bring a reusable water bottle to fill at the finish line. If you take a cup from the water station, please return it to one of the Refill Ireland bins after use.



The organisers strongly advise against the use of earphones or any device while participating in Run in the Dark, as it may restrict your hearing of important instructions and communication with other participants.


If you opted to pick up your pack when registering, please collect your pack in the Ancillary Hall of the Trinity Sports Centre, Pearse St on one of these dates:

  • Sunday 10th November: 12pm-5pm
  • Monday 11th November: 8am-6.30pm
  • Tuesday 12th November: 8am-6.30pm

With 9,000 people taking part in Run in the Dark Dublin, there are lots of packs to process. Please be aware that packs may not be collected outside of the times above or on run night, Wednesday 13th November, without exception.  


If you opted to have your pack posted and it does not arrive by Monday 11th November, please email info@runinthedark.org.

If you are a member of a prepaid team, your run pack will be couriered to the team leader.



Wheelchair athletes are welcome to join the 5k or 10k distance in Dublin. Please email us in advance if you plan to take part in a wheelchair.



For more information about bag drop, pack pick up etc, please download the Run In The Dark Dublin 2019 Information Note.

Dublin Route

The Dublin route is subject to final changes. 

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Road Closures

The following road closures will be in operation for Run in the Dark on Wednesday 13th November, 2019.

Location 1: North Wall Quay (East from Commons St to 3 Arena)
Times: 19.00 hrs – 22.00 hrs

Location 2: Custom House Quay
Times: 19.00 hrs – 22.00 hrs

Location 3: Samuel Beckett Bridge
Times: 20.00 hrs – 22.00 hrs

In addition to temporary road closures there will be, from 20.00hrs and 22.00hrs, managed temporary traffic lane closures along the route from Customs House Quay, Matt Talbot Bridge, City Quay, Samuel Beckett Bridge, North Wall Quay, East Wall Road, Sherriff St Upper, North Wall Avenue, Sir John Rogerson Quay, Britain Quay, Benson St, Blood Stoney Road, Hanover Quay, Cardiff Lane, Macken Street, Pearse Street, Bridge Street (Ringsend Road to Pembroke Street), South Lotts Road, Thorncastle Street (Bridge Street to Cambridge Square), Cambridge Road (Thorncastle Street to Fitzwilliam St), Fitzwilliam Street (Cambridge Road to Bridge Street) Pembroke Street (Bridge Street to Bayview), Bayview Street, Sean Moore Road (northbound only), East link via R131, North Wall Quay, East Wall Road (northbound only), Sherriff St Upper, North Wall Avenue, North Wall Quay.

Traffic Management Plan

  • Traffic on Eden Quay wishing to travel on Custom House Quay & North Wall Quay to East Link Bridge will be diverted via Beresford Place, Gardiner Street, Summerhill, Portland Row, Seville Place, Sheriff Street Upper, East Road and East Wall Road.
  • Traffic on Memorial Road wishing to travel on City Quay /Lombard Street to Westland Row/ Pearse St will be diverted via Moss St and Townsend Street.
  • Pedestrian and local access will be maintained.

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